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The Appalachian Mountains hold some of the best natural recources in the world, and we have some of the best conditions for farming.  Our higher elevation along with long warm summers allow us to grow some incredibly flavorful fruit!  Here at Blossom Ridge we are proud to say that our fruit will all be available for both you pick and we pick!  

You-pick is exactly like it sounds:  you, your family, and friends can come pick your own apples and flowers at our farm!  This means you get to be right in the heart of a working farm, learning about how we operate, and enjoying the beautiful scenery that we call home.

We will also be offering our fruits pre-picked.  So for those that are in a rush, or decide they want more after they pick there own, you can pick up a bag, bushel, or bucket of pre-picked fruit from our farm store.  The best thing about pre-picked is that it allows us to offer some varieties even after they are out of season for the year.  We keep them in a cooler so that some of the early favorites like Honeycrisp and Gala can be purchased throughout the season (until we are sold out!).

Click HERE to see when all our varieties are available.

Click the below links to learn more about all our varieties and decide which ones you want to pick!

Image by Michelle Francisca Lee
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