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From Post Office to Apples

Canto, North Carolina.  You can still find it on some maps.  It's a single small dot in the middle of a tiny mountain community called Sandy Mush.  Here was the location of a small post office and general store since the late 1800's.  The importance of such locations is usually lost on the modern world, where everything is ordered online and arrives a day later from a delivery person that we likely will never know their name.  Many folks hardly even know their neighbors these days.  But in the not so distant past, and especially in rural appalachia, community was life, because they relied on one another.  Canto, along with similar locations scattered throughout appalachia, was a central hub of daily life.  Goods were traded, mail was delivered, and folks were united and connected.

Years after the post office was closed down, Don Reeves purchased the property in 1957 and along with his brother Fred opened a new general store, Reeves Grocery, in 1964.  The store did well, supporting many folks in the community with groceries, farm supplies, and most of all a revival of what Canto once was: a community hub.  

Fast forward to 2023...  Big chain stores and modern life have made it difficult for rural stores to survive.  Communities are less connected.  In a lot of ways, modern life is great, but there are some parts of the "good old days" that we wish could be carried on.


This is where Blossom Ridge Orchard comes in!  Our goal over the next few years is to provide a place for families near and far to visit and experience what a small farm and general store is all about!  We will offer you-pick and we-pick for many varieties of popular and heirloom apples, as well as you-cut flowers during the Summer months.  We also plan to maintain and improve my grandfathers store, Reeves Grocery, so that visitors can experience a glimpse into the past.

We look forward to the upcoming years, and have a lot of great ideas that we can't wait to share with you!  Most of all, we look forward to restoring a place where community can grow together.

gneral store inside.JPG
Farmer Holding Fruit
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